JV and Natasha co-directed this short film on limited resources and very limited time.

JV is a full-time radio personality and Natasha is an actress/model/entrepreneur that has her hand in several projects right now. When their schedules allowed the time, they would run and shoot. Any other time was devoted to editing and post production.

It’s not common and it’s definitely not easy for two people to write, act, direct, operate cameras and sound, edit, and deliver a movie project of this size. They made the decision to carry almost all of the workload to gain experience and also to be more proud of the final product. Although Natasha has experience as an actress and is currently directing another film, JV has no experience with movie-making. This is his first film.

When writing “Behind the House”, they thought it would be best to target their existing fans and audience. They also made the decision to release the movie in parts because they are not established as directors. They are aware that people online tend to bail on any video content that plays longer than three minutes. They hope that people will become more excited with each part that is released and then rent a special bonus part July 22nd.

The money raised from fans renting “Behind the House” will go directly to the making of their next co-written, co-directed film. You can say that “Behind the House” was their warm-up movie. They have no plans to release the next movie in parts. Will the next movie be a follow up to “Behind the House”? Stay tuned or follow @NatashaYi on Facebook and Twitter and @JV on Twitter.

JV and Natasha would like to thank Weston Carner, Adam Lisicky, Chris Murtagh, Eric Fisher and Mr. Yi for their roles in front of and behind the camera.

They would also like to thank:
“Scott”, their sole producer who helped fund the project but would like to remain anonymous.

Rock Star and Grand Theft Auto

Mountain Dew

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